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Clean Fuel Standard: Fueling Conversation

On February 17th, 2021, Biomass Energy Network (BEN) and BC Bioenergy Network (BCBN) partnered to present a panel discussion titled – “Clean Fuel Standard: Fueling Conversation”.

The objective of this discussion was to provide insights to the audience and enhance submissions to ECCC prior to the March 4th deadline.

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The event  featured two panels. The first panel: ‘Enhancing the Blueprint Policy’, applied a policy lens to the Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) with the objective of enhancing stakeholder submissions to Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) prior to the March 4th deadline. The discussion incorporated diverse perspectives to inform smart policy development that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and mitigates climate change.

The second panel of the event: ‘Economic Stimulus and Investment from the CFS’, provided an industry perspective on the CFS and similar programs, with an emphasis on how such policies will work to stimulate and impact investment in the industrial ecosystem, as well as their limitations and drawbacks.

View the impact statement for the CFS draft regulations here, and the full publication in the December 19th Canada Gazette here.

This event was a continuation of the previous CFS panel discussion at the “Opportunities for Advanced Liquid Biofuels in Western Canada” event on November 25th, 2020. If you missed it, the event can be viewed here.