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Altentech Power Inc.

Total Cost $9 Mil.
BCBN Investment $1 Mil. Loan
Status In Progress
Location Mission, British Columbia
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Next-generation drying technology

Project Profile:

Altentech Power Inc. (“Altentech”) is a BC-based company that has a technology which dries biomass, thereby increasing the energy value of the solid fuel and optimizes biomass system efficiency by providing a fuel that has a consistent moisture content.  Anticipated unique advantages of this technology include: low operating costs and smaller installed footprint, greater energy efficiency versus conventional drying systems and emissions that are below environmental limits. These advantages do not exist with most other drying systems. This dryer can reduce the moisture content of virtually all untreated biomass fuels including wood waste, decomposed peat residue, agriculture crop debris, household garbage and sewage sludge. The analogy is that as crude oil needs to be refined into gasoline prior to filling your gas tank, biomass needs to be refined prior to utilization as a fuel in combustion or gasification systems.

This project will demonstrate the multiple benefits of drying biomass prior to combustion (or other utilization) including increased energy value, decreased operating and maintenance costs by providing a biofuel with a consistent moisture content, as well as decreased biomass feedstock degradation and risk of fire. This next-generation drying technology would be the first commercial demonstration of the system and is expected to lead to increased drying technology adoption by the forest sector, accompanied by a paradigm shift in the forest sector’s understanding of the benefits attained by drying biomass.


This project is at the commissioning stage.



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