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BC Bioenergy Network – Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning Collaborative Funding Initiative

Total Cost $1.2 Mil
BCBN Investment $600,000
Status In Process
Location British Columbia and Korea
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BC Bioenergy Network – Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning collaborative funding initiative

Project Profile:

BC Bioenergy Network and the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (“KETEP”) announced projects selected in a $1.2 million
collaborative funding initiative, in late August 2013.

This initiative builds on the MOU signed by the two organizations in 2012 which described a plan to collaborate in the field of science and technology research and development projects to identify carbon reduction opportunities related to fuels and chemicals from biomass. KETEP and BCBN also intend to explore ways to leverage the distinct competencies of each party to accelerate the displacement of coal with solid biomass-based fuels in Korean energy industries.

The projects selected include the production of solid fuel derived from biomass for coal displacement, the production of high value biochemicals from woody biomass, and the clean-up and utilization of landfill gas for transportation vehicles, and are subject to entering into funding agreements.

The first funding agreement was announced in late November 2013.  This is a collaborative project between Highbury Energy Inc. (“Highbury”), a BC bioenergy company to fund research and development to produce clean syngas from a dual-bed gasifier and its conversion to Fischer-Tropsch liquids. In this regard Highbury has reached a memorandum of understanding with Korea Institute of Energy Research (“KIER”) to collaborate in this project. Research will be conducted at KIER in South Korea and at the University of British Columbia to advance knowledge to produce liquid fuels from biomass resources.




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