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FortisBC Biogas Clean-Up

Total Cost $1.97 Million
BCBN Investment $200,000 Grant
Status Completed
Location Salmon Arm, British Columbia
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Municipal biogas clean-up and distribution

Project Profile:

The Columbia Shuswap Regional District partnered with FortisBC at the Salmon Arm landfill to build a municipal facility in BC to capture landfill gas and upgrade it to pipeline-grade, renewable biogas.

The project is the first in BC to convert raw landfill gas to natural gas-grade fuel. This can be distributed through existing pipelines or used as non-fossil transportation fuel. FortisBC offers Renewable Natural Gas to its customers; the Salmon Arm Landfill is an important supplier of this gas.


1. Approximately 10,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (“CO2e”) emissions reductions over 15 years will be recovered from landfill methane.
2. More than 27,000 gigajoules per year of renewable biogas will be piped into homes and businesses, creating a further reduction of 1,000-1,750 tonnes of CO2e (replacing traditional natural gas).
3. The Salmon Arm Landfill Gas Capture Project was the 2012 winner of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Sustainable Community Award in the category of Waste.
4. This project is featured on a video produced by FortisBC, “Salmon Arm Landfill – Renewable Natural Gas”.




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