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Harvest “Energy Garden”

Total Cost $12.3 Mil
BCBN Investment $1 Mil Loan,
$500,000 Grant
Status Completed
Location Richmond, British Columbia
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Municipal green waste-to-renewable energy

Project Profile:

Harvest Power has established an “Energy Garden” at their Richmond Soil and Fibre facility.

This innovative municipal green waste-to-renewable energy demonstration diverts 27,000 tonnes of organic materials away from British Columbia landfills to create clean renewable energy. This reduces Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (“CO2e”) emissions by roughly 10,255 tonnes per year.

The funding supported two components:

1. $1Million for the commercial demonstration of a state-of-the art High Solids Anaerobic Digestion (“HSAD”) plant that is converting municipal green waste (food scraps and yard trimmings) to produce electricity.
2. $500,000 grant for Harvest Power to acquire a pilot-scale mobile HSAD testing unit – a “Mobile Energy Harvester” – that will be used initially in Richmond and later moved to other sites in North America.

The Government of Canada also invested $4.0 Million for this project through its Clean Energy Fund. Over 50 jobs were created through the construction phase and an additional 6 for ongoing operations.


1. The facility was a recipient of KPMG’s top 100 global infrastructure projects in its Infrastructure 100: World Cities Edition (2012)
2. Harvest Power was also selected by Bloomberg New Energy Finance as a 2013 New Energy Pioneer.
3. Harvest Power features the Richmond “Energy Garden” on a dedicated page on its website, Click Here

BCBN’s support has been far more than financial in nature. BCBN is the best and most valuable partner we have — they take the “N” in networking seriously.” – Wayne Davis, Co-founder, Harvest Power




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