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ICC Group

Total Cost $7.7 Mil
BCBN Investment $1.5 Mil Loan (with convertible provisions)
Status In Progress
Location Nanaimo, British Columbia
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Converting organics to synthetic biodiesel

Project Profile:

International Composting Corporation (“ICC”), a BC-based bioenergy solutions company located in Victoria, with operations in Nanaimo, is the developer of proprietary technology to transform source-separated organic waste, as well as lawn and garden waste into compost and fertilizer. The Company is now advancing its technology to thermochemically gasify this waste material and then transform the synthetic gases into a liquid biodiesel transportation fuel, using the Fischer-Tropsch process.

ICC has reported on the successful development of a suitable catalyst, a critical element of the Fisher-Tropsch conversion process of the synthesis gas to liquid fuels. This catalyst has been used with manually formulated synthetic gas at laboratory scale to produce sample liquid and wax fuel products. Production scale equipment is being designed and installed, with larger scale trial production runs anticipated in early 2017.

Production of synthetic biodiesel from the demonstration plant is expected to be available in mid- 2017. A successful demonstration will be a world first on a small-to-intermediate sized bioenergy system.

On October 21, 2015 (National Bioenergy Day in North America), Dr. Bryan Imber, CEO of ICC Group, announced an agreement to build a $100 million, 9 megawatt electrical (“MWe”) waste wood to power plant near Banbury, U.K.  This is the first of three similar sites ICC is expecting to  develop.  Each plant will supply sufficient electricity to power 3,600 homes.

“ICC Group is grateful for the partnership we have enjoyed with the BC Bioenergy Network, since 2009, when they made their original investment of $ 1 million in our source separated organics reactor demonstration in Nanaimo.  We have continued to partner with the BC Bioenergy Network through all these years, to further progress our liquid fuels development program.  We expect liquid fuels to provide tremendous business development opportunities throughout BC.” – Dr. Bryan Imber, CEO of ICC Group



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