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Kwadacha Biomass Community Energy System

Total Cost $6.5 Mil (estimated over all phases)
BCBN Investment $354,650 (including contributions)
Status In Progress
Location Kwadacha Nation, Fort Ware, British Columbia
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Woody biomass energy for remote communities

Project Profile:

BCBN conducted a review of the current state of off-grid power production in the province of BC, and determined there were over 60 remote communities predominantly powered and heated by a combination of diesel, propane and firewood.

BCBN decided to take an active role in identifying and implementing an appropriate clean, sustainable, small scale woody biomass-fuelled combined heat and power solution for one community that could be replicated across the province in the future.

Through the BC First Nations Energy and Mining Council and the BC First Nations Forestry Council, BCBN and other stakeholders were introduced to the Kwadacha Nation community of Fort Ware in Northern BC.  In 2011, the 300 residents of Fort Ware required 953,000 litres of diesel for power and electrical baseboard heating and 170,000 litres of propane for heating central buildings such as the school and store.

The cost of providing diesel based power to this remote community was determined to be at least 67 cents per kWh. A properly designed biomass system holds the potential to reduce this cost in half, resulting in savings to the community, rate payers and taxpayers.


The planning and engineering work is currently underway. Pending additional funding confirmation, implementation should commence in 2017.  As well, as of November 1, 2016, the Kwadacha Nation has an Electricity Purchase Agreement in place with BC Hydro.



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