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Lignol Energy Corporation

Total Cost Phase 1: $6.3 Mil
Phase 2 $1.8 Mil
BCBN Investment Phase 1: $1.82 Mil Grant
Phase 2: $1.18 Mil Grant
Status Completed
Location Burnaby, British Columbia
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Fuel-grade ethanol and high-purity lignin made from biomass

Project 1 – Biochemical Demonstration Plant 1
Project 2 – Biochemical High Purity Lignin Research

Project Profile:

Lignol Energy Corporation has demonstrated the many high-value products that can be derived from biomass using its proprietary biorefining process.

In this new process, Lignol extracts a very pure form of lignin called High Purity Lignins, a non-toxic biochemical that can be used in place of oil-based chemicals to produce industrial resins, coatings and foams.

Over two phases, Lignol received $3 Million from BCBN as a part of an $8.2 Million project to demonstrate its bio-refining capabilities at a pilot demonstration plant, while also conducting advanced research into its High Purity Lignins.

BCBN’s support helped Lignol accelerate its research, develop partnerships and produce a powerful intellectual property portfolio.


1. Conducted over 2,000 individual extraction experiments with a variety of BC feedstocks;
2. Developed a new nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy technique which greatly enhanced the efficiency and accuracy of the analysis;
3. Established a large database linking HP-Lignin’s physicochemical properties, biomass processing conditions and performance;
4. Identified key feedstock and process combinations that have economic significance;
5. Achieved a number of breakthroughs in wood adhesive applications; and
6. Confirmed that HP-Lignins can be used as remediation agents for the removal of certain heavy metals and, to a lesser degree, organic toxins in waste water.

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