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Paradigm Environmental Technologies

Total Cost Phase 1: $6.1 Mil
Phase 2: $530,000
BCBN Investment Phase 1: $1.5 Mil Grant Phase 2: $228,462 Loan
Status Completed
Location Crofton, British Columbia
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Converting paper waste to biogas

Project 1 – Catalyst Paper Waste Activated Sludge (“WAS”) to Biogas Production
Project 2 – Catalyst Paper WAS to Biogas Production, Closed Loop

Project Profile:

In 2010, BCBN provided Paradigm Environmental Technologies and partner firm, Elemental Energy, with $1.8 Million of the $6.6 Million needed to develop and demonstrate its wastewater treatment technology at Catalyst Paper Corporation’s pulp and paper mill in Crofton, BC.

By testing the technology in a self-contained system at 1% the size of full-scale implementation, Paradigm’s performance data proved the technology’s three main benefits:

  1. The “digestion” time needed to process waste was greatly reduced, thus increasing throughput which dramatically reduces operating and capital costs;
  2. By efficiently liquefying waste-activated sludge, MicroSludge® reduced the volume of bio-solids that needed to be transported offsite for disposal; and
  3. A much higher percentage of those bio-solids were converted to methane gas, which can be used as energy.

With paybacks in less than three years at full-scale, this technology could dramatically increase the capacity and sustainability of existing wastewater treatment systems in pulp and paper and municipal sectors.

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