BC Bioenergy Network

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B.C. Renewable and Low-Carbon Gas

B.C. Renewable and Low-Carbon Gas Suppl Potential Study

BC Bioenergy Network partnered with FortisBC and the Government of British Columbia to explore the potential production of renewable and low carbon gases in B.C. and beyond.

BCBN commissioned a report that investigated two scenarios to create an upper and lower bound for renewable and low carbon gas production with B.C. resources by 2030 and by 2050. The report considers significant current barriers, such as geographic limitations, transport constraints, resource availability, conversion efficiency, and various system assumptions, including technology readiness and realistically achievable implementation rates. Assuming these barriers are overcome, the maximum supply resource potential for 2030 and 2050 is 50 and 440 PJ per year respectively. Ultimately by 2050, the province’s gas system could be completely supplied by made-in-B.C. renewable and low carbon sources.