BC Bioenergy Network

Partnering for a Greener Future

Biogas/Landfill Gas

Facilities featured on this page capture biogas produced by anaerobic digestors, landfills or processing waste sludge or waste water.  This biogas is then used to produce electricity, fuels or heat.


Capital Regional District Landfill Gas-to-Electricity Plant

Since 1991, the Hartland Landfill Facility has been collecting landfill gas using a network of wells and pipes.  This gas was initially flared.  In 2003, a landfill gas-to-electricity plant was built next to the flare station to utilize the methane in the landfill gas to produce electricity. The facility now produces close to 1.6 megawatts of green power – enough electricity to supply about 1,600 homes. The CRD hopes to optimize landfill gas production with a 75% capture rate by 2016.

Fraser Valley Biogas

Fraser Valley Biogas utilizes on-farm manure and off-farm food waste to produce methane and high quality fertilizer through a process of anaerobic digestion. The methane is scrubbed and transported to thousands of homes throughout British Columbia by FortisBC. The fertilizer is used by farmers to grow local crops.

Seabreeze Farms 

This project is a farm-based anaerobic digester project that will process the farm’s dairy manure as well as approximately 12,000 tons/yr of off-farm organics. The facility will produce biogas that will be cleaned and then sold to FortisBC and injected into the existing natural gas pipeline.