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Capacity Building

Capacity Building Projects

BCBN has supported several strategic capacity building initiatives in specific areas of bioenergy development, including forest biomass residues, agriculture residuals, and municipal waste.

Capacity building projects help organizations and companies acquire the knowledge or capabilities they need to implement effective bioenergy initiatives.

To date, BCBN has invested approximately $1.64 million into 12 capacity building projects, ranging from market evaluations, to biomass availability studies, to planning and technical feasibility studies.


  • Helped create industry hubs in the BC’s Central and Northern Interior regions, close to large sources of woody biomass;
  • Provided support for BC’s agriculture industry to develop the “agri-energy” sector;
  • Assisted First Nations groups to develop solutions for replacing diesel and propane systems with reliable and renewable energy systems in remote BC communities; and
  • Facilitating collaborative research between BC and Korea, investigating carbon reduction related to fuels and chemicals from biomass.

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