New Episode of Fuel for Thought Podcast: Renewable Fuels Are Still Powering Ahead. Are You on Track?

Explore the new season of the Fuel for Thought Podcast from Topsoe, kicking off with the first episode titled “Renewable Fuels Are Still Powering Ahead. Are You on Track?” Take a tour across the landscape of renewable fuels to discover the significant recent developments.

Get ready for:

  • An overview of last year’s industry changes in renewable fuels.
  • A general status update on various renewable fuel types, including Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), co-processing, e-fuels, biofuels, hydrogen, ammonia, and renewable natural gas (RNG).
  • Insights into the most recent legislative changes and their impact on the adoption of various types of renewable fuels.
  • An outlook on upcoming hot topics for the coming year.

Listen to the Podcast Here

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