SAF Talk #6 The Potential of Certification & #7: Flight plan to net-zero 2050

SAF Talk #6: The Potential of Certification

This episode of Topsoes’s SAF Talk features Matthieu Boisson, Managing Director of CertifHy, as he delves into “The Potential of Certification.” For renewable, low carbon, and e-fuels, certification is crucial for demonstrating sustainability throughout production and end-product lifecycle.

Explore the intricate world of certification schemes in the renewable, low-carbon, and e-fuels landscape. Topics include:

  • The current state of regulatory advancement in various markets;
  • Steps for an eSAF producer to certify their product;
  • The potential benefits of pre-certification in securing project investment;
  • Future developments in the certification realm.

Listen to the Episode Here


SAF Talk #7: Flight plan to net-zero 2050 

This SAF Talk Topsoe teamed up with special guest Patrick Edmond, Managing Director of Altair Advisory, to explore the high-level complexities and considerations involved in achieving decarbonization in the aviation industry.

Get your answers to:

  • What will be the role of SAF in decarbonizing the aviation industry?
  • How will the existing fleet impact decarbonization efforts?
  • How will SAF, technological advancements, and operational improvements each play a role in our quest for decarbonization by 2050?

Listen to the Episode Here

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