The Office of Energy Research and Development (OERD) Offers Funding to Support Youth and Employers in Natural Resources Sector

If you are an employer looking to hire, train, and mentor young individuals in the natural resources sector, please visit the Science and Technology Internship Program (STIP) – Green Jobs webpage. This program provides funding to eligible employers across Canada in fields such as energy, forest, mining, earth science, and clean technology. The program’s goals include:

  • Launching careers in the energy, forest, mining, earth sciences, and clean technology sectors;
  • Providing high-quality and inclusive work experiences that contribute to better environmental outcomes in the natural resources sectors;
  • Developing a skilled and diverse workforce;
  • Promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion by aiming for 60% participation from Employment Equity groups.

If you know a youth between the ages of 15 and 30 who is interested in entering the sector, they can find information on eligibility requirements and how to apply on the website.


Find More Information about the Program Here

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