Updates on Clean Fuel Regulations (CFR): Submission of Agreements to Create Credits for the 2024 Compliance Period

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) shared important information for entities interested in the Clean Fuel Regulations (CFR), focusing on the process and timelines for submitting agreements to create compliance credits and provisional credit creation (as outlined in CFR sections 21 and 22) for the 2024 compliance period.

• Agreement Submission for Credit Creation: Entities can enter agreements to create compliance credits for activities such as CO2e emissions reduction projects, production of low-carbon-intensity fuels, and supplying fuels or energy sources to vehicles. These agreements must be registered through the Clean Fuel Regulations Credit and Tracking System (CATS).

• Provisional Credit Creation Timeline: Provisional credit creation can start the day after an agreement is submitted, or from the start of the compliance period if submitted within the first 60 days. Agreements must be resubmitted for each compliance period to ensure activities are operational.

• Deadline for 2024 Compliance Period: To create provisional compliance credits from January 1, 2024, agreements must be submitted by March 3, 2024. Submissions after this date will delay the start of provisional credit creation.

• Cancellation and Modification: Registered creators can cancel or modify agreements via CATS, ensuring information is updated for compliance.

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