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Quadrogen Power Systems Inc.

Total Cost $7.9 Mil
BCBN Investment $1.5 Mil Loan
Status In Progress
Location Delta, British Columbia
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Sustainable energy from landfill waste

Project Profile:

Quadrogen Power Systems Inc. (“Quadrogen”) — a developer of high-performance biogas clean-up technologies, is preparing to demonstrate that its technology can clean landfill gases, particularly siloxanes, sulfur and halides to levels less than 100 parts per billion. With $800,000 of funding for Phase 1 from BC Bioenergy Network, Quadrogen is installing its proprietary technology at Delta, BC-based greenhouse vegetable producer Village Farms, which already uses landfill gases from the adjacent Vancouver Landfill for greenhouse heating.

The project will demonstrate that landfill gases can be cleaned to produce high-value energy, gases and fuels, including electricity, heat, renewable hydrogen and food-grade carbon dioxide that can be sold to other users.

The funding supports two phases of the project. Phase 1 is designed to prove out Quadrogen’s ultra-clean gas clean-up technology. $700,000 in funding from BCBN for Phase 2 expands the system to process higher gas quantities in order to demonstrate commercial viability.


On April 2, 2014, Quadrogen and FuelCell  Energy, Inc. (“FCE”) celebrated the ground-breaking event of its $7.5 million quad-generation project at Village Farms International, Inc. in Delta, B.C. This quad-generation project will demonstrate the co-production of renewable electricity, heat, hydrogen and greenhouse quality carbon dioxide (“CO2”) from the landfill gas being collected at the Vancouver Landfill in Delta . A key technology featured in the project is Quadrogen’s unique landfill gas cleaning process that enables the use of FCE’s Direct FuelCell® power plant to cleanly and efficiently generate the four value streams.

Quad-generation from this project will provide substantial environmental benefits by renewably producing the following four value streams:

• Up to 250 kilowatts of renewable electricity, delivered virtually pollutant-free – enough to power approximately 250 homes.
• Up to 12 gigajoules/day of heat – roughly equivalent to heating 50 homes.
• Up to 5 tonnes/day of ultra clean CO2 for use in Village Farms’ greenhouse – which displaces fossil fuel consumption, equivalent to taking 350 cars off the road.
• Up to 125 kg/day of pure hydrogen – sufficient to refuel 6 fuel cell buses, 85 cars or to be sold commercially for industrial applications.



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