BC Bioenergy Network

Partnering for a Greener Future

Directors and Management

Scott Stanners Executive Director

Dr. Scott Stanners has worked for nearly a decade in bioenergy technology evaluation and investment and has grown a 4,000+ network in the bioenergy sector. Scott serves as Executive Director at BC Bioenergy Network, a not-for-profit funding agency that has invested over $20 million predominantly in first-of-its-kind bioenergy demonstrations in BC. Scott previously worked for a US-based technology marketing company and a Canadian engineering and management consulting company.

Scott is President of Pacific Energy Innovation Association; Managing Director of West Coast Bioenergy Guild; Board Member at Canada, Australia & New Zealand Business Association; and Advisor at Eagle Energy. Scott has contributed as a mentor in the BC Innovation Council New Ventures Competition and Connecting Environmental Professionals, and as an interviewer for the Doctor of Medicine Program at UBC. Scott was awarded a PhD and a Graduate Certificate in Innovation and Enterprise from the University of Sydney, Australia in 2008, and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Calgary in 2000.

Ralohn Hunt Project Director

Growing up on an orchard in the Okanagan, Ralohn cultivated a strong interest for sustainability and natural systems that sparked a seven-year career as an environmental professional in the energy industry. Throughout his experience at a consultancy firm, he built a proven track record of delivering small and large-scale projects on time and within budget for over 30 clients on 50+ projects. He completed a Master of Engineering Leadership in Green Bio-Products from the University of British Columbia in 2017 and holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Calgary. As Project Director, he will support and deliver on the advancement of renewable and bio-based products through collaboration with BC Bioenergy Network’s community of businesses and innovators.

In addition to his passion for the bioeconomy and sustainability, Ralohn is an avid biker, adventurer and volunteer for a variety of personal and professional interests.

Ashley Callister Operations Manager

Ashley developed a passion for preserving and protecting the environment growing up on Bowen Island. She received two Sustainability Awards from the Bowen Island Community Foundation in 2013 and 2014, and graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science. Her areas of expertise include conservation, biogeography, natural systems, sustainable development, communication management, and political ecology. Since graduation, she has been expanding her global network through marine conservation projects in places such as Africa and Indonesia. As the Operations Manager at BC Bioenergy Network, she manages marketing and communications, events, board governance, finances, research and reporting, and administration. She strives to facilitate flawless coordination between BCBN stakeholders, industry, academia, government, and the broader bioenergy community.

Aside from her professional and academic endeavors in sustainability, Ashley teaches scuba diving, plays ultimate frisbee and is a devoted horticulturist.