• Watch BC Bioenergy Network’s Video

    New to Bioenergy? Let BC Bioenergy Network introduce you!

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  • West Coast Bioenergy Guild

    The West Coast Bioenergy Guild makes it fun and easy to learn more about innovation in the bioenergy sector. Join us for a great evening!

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  • British Columbia Hydrogen Study

    Read the recently completed British Columbia Hydrogen Study commissioned by BC Bioenergy Network.

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  • BC Bioenergy Network projects are creating new job opportunities and economic activity.

    $16.6m in BCBN funding has generated $123.5m in outside investments, $106 million in GDP, and $19.75 million in new tax revenues.

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  • Championing bioenergy development for the benefit of all British Columbians

    BCBN is building British Columbia’s new bio-economy by leveraging value from our biomass resources.

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  • Global leadership to connect resources, people, and partners

    BCBN is dedicated to realizing the full promise of bioenergy through continued investment and collaboration.

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  • The Future is Now: Bioenergy solves environmental problems while building jobs and a skilled and innovative workforce.

    Bioenergy is a broad-based solution for reducing waste, creating jobs, and meeting our climate change goals.

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