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Request for Proposals (RFP) – BC Renewable and Low Carbon Gas Supply Potential Study

 July 15, 2021

The Province of British Columbia (Province) is demonstrating leadership in climate change mitigation through ambitious greenhouse gas emission reduction targets set in CleanBC, the Provincial economic, energy and environmental plan. The CleanBC Plan is committed to a minimum of 15% renewable content in domestically consumed gas by 2030. The Province has amended the Greenhouse Gas Reduction (Clean Energy) Regulation (GGRR) to incent the production and utility purchase of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), and recently expanded the eligible energy sources to include synthesis gas (syngas), hydrogen, and lignin to achieve this target.

BC Bioenergy Network (BCBN), The Province, and FortisBC endeavour to determine the total supply potential of renewable and low carbon gases in British Columbia, and the cost of producing them. This analysis will inform the Provincial government’s CleanBC Roadmap to achieve the 2030 target and future actions by natural gas utilities.

This project will update estimates of the renewable and low carbon gas supply potential and develop a growth strategy for increasing production in BC to 2030 and 2050. The project will conduct a literature review from outside BC that could be reasonably accessed. The updated estimates would reflect the latest technological and policy developments shaping renewable and low carbon gas supply. The work would aim to develop a range of supply estimates and the important assumptions and factors. The project will stitch together existing analyses to develop a comprehensive overview of the total renewable and low carbon gas potential and carbon intensity for different energy types (renewable natural gas, syngas, hydrogen, lignin). The project would also look at unique use-cases and end-uses such as evaluating the potential for required infrastructure in BC and using industrial consumers as host-sites for renewable and low carbon gas production.

The RFP can be downloaded here.

Closing Date and Time:

July 5, 2021, 5:00 PM PT

Proposal Submission:

Proposals must be emailed to ralohn.hunt@bcbioenergy.ca prior to the Closing Time.

Questions Regarding the RFP for BC Renewable and Low Carbon Gas Supply Potential Study

  1. Are we correct to assume that agricultural residue can be ignored for this study, apart from material suitable for digesters (biogas production)?
    1. Yes.
  2. Can you indicate when you expect the contract to be awarded (i.e. during summer or rather, early September)? This may impact on our availability and ability to provide the final report within 14 weeks.
    1. The award date of the contract is targeting mid-July.
  3. On page 6, number 7, the RFP mentions the year 2035 as the reference for the earlier supply portfolios. Is this an error? The remainder of the document makes reference to the years 2030 and 2050, in line with the BC greenhouse emission targets. Does BCBN agree that the year 2030 should also be used here, instead of 2035?
    1. You are correct.
  4. In terms of the report to be produced, the RFP indicates a length of only 20 pages. Can you confirm that this is the intended length, given the scope of work is fairly comprehensive (see indicative Table of Contents)? Or is this meant to be an extended Executive Summary, with the bulk of the analysis to be included as appendices?
    1. A concise, 20 page report is desired. Further supporting analyses can be appended.
  5. Please specify the target audiences for the draft and final PowerPoint presentations summarizing key findings as outlined in the “Deliverables” section of the RFP (page 7 of 9)?
    1. The target audiences for the draft and final PowerPoint presentations include but is not limited to, BCBN Directors and Management, Provincial Government and utility representatives.
  6. Is BCBN expecting one roadmap (for the most likely scenario), or three roadmaps (one per scenario)?
    1. One roadmap for the most likely scenario but acknowledgement of the other potential scenarios.
  7. Who are BCBN’s project partners (including any US partners) mentioned in the “Project Management” section of the RFP (page 8 of 9)?
    1. Representatives from the BC Government and FortisBC.
  8. As per point 2 of the “Scope of Work” (page 6 of 9) the RFP states that the study will cover the “rest of Canada and US”. For the US portion of the work, will BCBN or its partners provide the relevant US data for completion of the study?
    1. A copy of the report “Renewable Sources of Natural Gas: Supply and Emissions Reduction Assessment (American Gas Foundation/ICF, 2019): Study evaluating the low carbon gas potential in the United States” will be provided. Additional data regarding pricing should be collected by the Proponent to validate and update the information.