Clean Fuel Regulations Update

The Low Carbon Fuels Division of Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) published a factsheet (folder 4) outlining the 2023 reporting requirements for registered creators under the Clean Fuel Regulations, List of Registrants (folder 1) and Reporting, Verification and Compliance Calendars (folder 10).

See the table of contents (folder 0) for easy navigation of the available materials.

Access the Drive Here

The deadline for the first Credit-Creation Reports for the 2022 compliance period is June 30, 2023. The reports must be submitted along with a third-party verification report that meets specific requirements. The reports must be submitted through ECCC’s Credit and Tracking System (CATS). An update to CATS is planned to allow for the upload and submission of Verification Reports, which is expected to be available in early May. Registered creators should not submit Credit-Creation Reports until the verification report upload feature is available. For more information on using CATS, consult the User Guide. It is recommended for registered creators to review Chapter 6 Credit-Creation Reports in the CFR Credit Tracking System User Guide v2.1 while completing their Credit-Creation Report(s) in CATS.

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